Sunday, February 21, 2010

MyROCC Embraces Carmel, Technology

article by Jonathan Haag, 'AtCarmel'

Over the past twenty years, River Oaks Community Church (ROCC) has provided an intimate setting for people from Carmel and beyond to gather as a community and worship. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Dominic Francese, Pastor of ROCC, about the mission and future of this particular body of believers.

Pastor Francese tells me that ROCC’s mission in relation to Carmel is to “provide followers of Jesus Christ an intimate setting for worshiping and serving God, in a way which a small church is especially well suited.” Part of this mission includes building a, “strong sense of small group community and strong friendships.”

[article continued]

Here's a sample video from the 'Officer Do-Good' Series...


Watch more Officer Do-Good videos at YouTube/MyROCCtv

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