Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Saturday

Reminder: 'First Saturdays Coffee"... Feb. 3rd

This will be a Super Saturday coffeetime at the Paradise Bakery this time.
  • Colts Gear Only.
  • No Bears Fans Allowed (to talk).... Gerald!!! LOLLLL
  • We'll have a new dvd of some personal stories of some Colts players and Coach Dungy.

Also... graphics artist Ellen Spencer will be with us, before her Flickr Day presentation [down at the inner-city cafe where some of us go help frequently]. So if you have questions about digital cameras or how to get your pictures onto the web to share at the #1 website... Saturday will be a great day to ask.

Or better yet, also come be with us and help-out down at the Unleavened Bread Cafe... noon til 2pm as we do the full presentation & training.

"So You Wanna Be In Pictures?" -- Flickr training. Learn how to get your digital photos onto your computer, edit them and/or uploaded to the internet (free & easy), so you easily share them with your friends & neighbors. Example: Here are some pictures from Clay Terrace uploaded by various people... at

And share your internet skills with others. If you can surf and do email, you're a step-up on many of our inner-city friends who don't even have internet access. So come make friends among some folks who'll appreciate your friendship and help.

Friday, January 05, 2007

"First Saturdays" Coffeetime... Jan. 6th

Reminder: Our 'First Saturdays' coffeetime together, will be this Saturday -- yikes, that's tomorrow -- Paradise Bakery, here in the ClayTerrace Mall.

8 a.m.... We'll be doing the normal catching up with each other... And in particular, we'll be discussing New Year's Resolutions... and how we can help each other KEEP our resolutions. **smile**

So come join us -- it's open to everyone with an interest in the Clay Terrace area.

And as always... Even if you can't make it tomorrow... If you know of NEEDS in the neighborhood area... contact us... we always try to pray about such things, and would try to help somehow if we can.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning.