Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Life Factory

Clay Terrace firm to solve voice-mail jail

Interactions Corp. was founded in New Jersey in 2002 and moved its corporate headquarters to its current location at 14390 Clay Terrace in Carmel earlier this year. It uses "intent recognition" technology that allows customers to describe an issue or ask a question through an automated system and be helped immediately through state-of-the-art technology.

Interaction is a marriage of humans and computers that allows customers of companies to ditch what's called voice-mail jail and talk to a computer that talks back like a human. Its founder is Michael Cloran.

Cloran was attracted to Indiana by cost-of-living, a friendly business environment and nearby universities. According to technology enterpreneur Scott Jones, Indiana gains a new player in the high-tech sector the state craves. "Creating this critical mass allows us to have acceleration of our high-tech industry in Indiana," Jones said.

[continued at WTHR TV]

Friday, September 01, 2006

'First-Saturday Coffee'... Sept. 2nd

Don't forget... 8am... Paradise Bakery in the Clay Terrace Mall.... Saturday, Sept. 2nd.

This time, we'll do a little online surfing together -- especially to give you some inside-information regarding the 'SAVI' system mentioned in the blog-post below. It'll give you a chance to see the types of neighborhood information becoming increasingly available via the web.

And Gerald agreed to provide a short inspirational lesson we can discuss together.

Everyone is warmly welcome. See you there!

Community Research Conference... Sept. 22nd

[SAVI is the comprehensive community research tool of choice here in the Central Indiana area, and which contains many varieties of data... for metro area communities and even neighborhoods... including available data from state & national community-research, including U.S. Census Bureau research info.]

The September 22nd 'SAVI Users Conference' provides an opportunity to learn about new tools in SAVI, discover how other users have harnessed the power of SAVI through new approaches, and participate in discussions about how SAVI can help your organization better understand its community.

It also is a great place for people new to SAVI to learn how it can help your organization.

Choose from several interactive and hands-on breakout sessions throughout the day and learn how SAVI can help you.