Friday, November 30, 2007

Postponing our normal coffeetime for 12/1...

Just a quick note to say -- we're postponing the normal December 1st coffeetime at the cafe... hopes someone has a much BETTER idea for something special here at Christmastime... say some Sunday afternoon?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carmel Women Tackle Mannequins At Mall

[press release received via email]


A group of Carmel mothers, incensed by what they see as pornographic displays, are turning up the heat on the Clay Terrace Mall (Carmel) and the Victoria’s Secret store located at Clay Terrace. After requesting that Victoria’s Secret change their large display windows to be less provocative, the Carmel women have been met with silence from Victoria’s Secret and lack of action from the mall management. The women have been contacting the store and mall management for over two years and they are angered by the lack of responsiveness they have received.

The Clay Terrace Mall Management has not mandated change since they do not believe Victoria’s Secret has broken any laws, codes or ordinances. Lori Baxter, spokesperson for the Carmel women, disagrees vehemently, citing Carmel City Ordinance (’91 Code, 6-46) 35-49-2-1:

“It shall be unlawful for any person to post in any conspicuous or public place within the City any obscene, lewd, indecent or lascivious drawing, photograph, or picture of an indecent or immoral nature…”

The Carmel women are angry that the display windows that they find offensive are located on the main street through the mall and easily visible to children and teens. They have requested that a reasonable compromise from Victoria’s Secret would involve clothing the window mannequins’ in pajamas, not the scanty, provocative items normally displayed.

“We are trying to raise our children to embrace the virtues of modesty and chastity. We are against displays and windows that objectify and degrade women, as we feel these Victoria’s Secret display windows do.” states Lori Baxter. “We are asking the Simon organization, Mayor Brainard and Victoria's Secret corp. to help us ensure our children and teens are not desensitized and exploited by mature sexualized images. There are studies that state that children exposed to sexual images are more likely to have sex."

Determined to make the Clay Terrace Mall a kid friendly place again, the Carmel women are currently conducting an email campaign directly to Mel Simon of Simon Malls, Mayor Jim Brainard of Carmel, Barbara Schick, Manager of Clay Terrace and Leslie Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret. Plans for a boycott and pickets during the important holiday retail rush in December are in the final stages of preparation."

Contact: Jenny DeHeer at 408-5566 or email her at

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Monday, November 19, 2007

State gets $20M to expand trails

Indiana is getting a big boost toward developing walking trails within reach of all Hoosiers, thanks to more than $20 million in federal beautification grants.

Six Indianapolis-area projects will receive nearly $5.5 million for various projects, including...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roundabouts -- They're Not That Complicated


[ht: The Wyote Blog]

[Wyote excerpt... "All I’ve gotta say is that I love roundabouts, it almost makes it worth having Brainard as mayor of Carmel. I’m still trying to figure out how to pull off this stunt (see video below) in my Geo Prizm, but I’m afraid Carmel PD may not like it."]