Thursday, March 30, 2006

First Saturdays... Coffee at Paradise Bakery

Just a reminder:

"First Saturdays Coffee & Conversation"
8 a.m... April 1st.
[no foolin!]

Come have coffee and a muffin. Enjoy catchin' up on the latest in the neighborhood area, and getting to know one another. Find out what's new? Who's going where? Who sold what for how much? And who just broke what?

We'll continue to discuss the "Purpose Driven Life".

And of course, we're anxious to know of any special needs in the area that perhaps we could somehow help with. If you know of such needs, you're welcome to email me or call (490-1255).

This week, some of our friends from the little cafe in the 'hood, are coming up specially to be with us. Get a little taste of 'Carmel'. They're neat people -- hope you'll get to meet them.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Monon Trail Newsletter, Spring 2006


"A special THANKS goes out to the Webber family
who have devised a unique and valuable way for all
trails users to get involved with their favorite trail –
it’s the new Trail Adoption Program!
Right now, most of the trail 'adopters'...

[continue (.pdf)]

Friday, March 03, 2006

"Just the coffee" ???

Just a quick reminder...

"First Saturdays Coffee In The Neighborhood"
8:00 a.m. at the Paradise Bakery @ Clay Terrace.

As we begin reviewing the best-seller, "Purpose Driven Life", we'll be addressing the introductory question of the book... "What on earth am I here for?"

And if your answer to that question is... "just the coffee".... LOL... that's ok too. Come.

We welcome all neighbors in the Clay Terrace area. [Aw, what the heck... we welcome EVERYONE. **smile**]

And as always, any needs in the neighborhood... let us know how we can pray for you, or help.

Or anything else you'd like to have posted at advise. Homes for sale? Lease? Looking for a lawn guy? Garage-sale date? Email us.

See you tomorrow morning...


[P.S. If any of you might be thinking, "Hey I'd really like to be included, but I just can't make it on Saturday mornings."... let us know what evening you could commit to. We might fire up a 2nd coffee-klatch group. Anyone?]