Friday, June 06, 2008

'Faith Hope & Love Week'.... A Mission Trip Without Leaving Home

'Faith Hope & Love Week' is coming up in the metro-area July 20-26. It's a week of intentional community service and acts of kindness and mercy. Some have described it as a 'mission trip without leaving home'.


Now's the time to be thinking how you might benefit YOUR neighborhood community, perhaps even by discovering NEEDS that might be met that week. Example: Do you know of home-repairs or maintenance needing to be done on behalf of seniors or others who cannot do it themselves? Or people who would LOVE to have someone just come and visit with them? Or other needs that YOU know of, that need to make it onto the list? If so, drop us a line.

And set aside some time during that week that YOU would be willing to volunteer your time on behalf of others who really need you.

First Saturday of June... but still not (really) 'summer'...

Hi everybody. Suddenly we go from a cold May, to tornadoes, to heat. But like the mail-carriers... we prevail. It's coffee-time again.

Tomorrow we're going to meet at 8:30am. The sun's coming up early (and so is the heat)... so we're wanting to get going a little earlier now. Let's see how this time-slot works.

As a part of our time together, Pat asked that perhaps we be thinking of anything we might like to share: Either ways that God may have been working recently in your life; or ways that you cause you to wonder "what's up with that?". It should make an interesting time of interaction, as we continue to 'share life together'.

Btw, the metro-wide "Faith Hope & Love Week" is coming up quickly (July 20-26). It's a week of community service and acts of kindness & mercy. So if you know of particular needs in the community that need a handful (or ton of) volunteers for, let us know that too.

Ok, hope to see you in the morning:
8:30am, Paradise Bakery, Clay Terrace Mall

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dairy Queen held memories

[from the Indianapolis Star]

A Carmel landmark went up in flames Thursday, but the community won't be deprived of its Dilly Bars, Blizzards and other goodies for too long if the owner has his way.

The 48-year restaurant remains Carmel's oldest fast food restaurant in its original location, its owner said.

Around 6:35 p.m. Thursday, Carmel firefighters went to the restaurant, 951 N. Rangeline Road, and found a fire had started in a back shed and spread to the adjacent restaurant.

The majority of the building's shell still stands, but the inside was gutted and part of the roof collapsed. The restaurant's equipment was destroyed, the building is a total loss, and the site will have to be bulldozed...

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