Friday, September 26, 2008

First-Saturdays Coffee-time... Oct 4th

'Sharing Life Together'... that's our goal here.

And one of the ways we propose to do that better and better... is by getting together for our neighborhood coffee on the first Saturday of the month. So join us...

October 4th
Paradise Bakery -- Clay Terrace

We're increasingly getting to know one another, and 'catch up on the latest' here in the general Clay Terrace area of Carmel. We not only have a good time together, but typically someone brings something spiritually inspirational to discuss with the group as well.

And we're interested in what the needs are in our community so we can be praying... and helping if possible. So let us know if you have needs here, or you know of someone who does.

Everyone is welcome. Come & go as practical for you.

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