Friday, June 06, 2008

First Saturday of June... but still not (really) 'summer'...

Hi everybody. Suddenly we go from a cold May, to tornadoes, to heat. But like the mail-carriers... we prevail. It's coffee-time again.

Tomorrow we're going to meet at 8:30am. The sun's coming up early (and so is the heat)... so we're wanting to get going a little earlier now. Let's see how this time-slot works.

As a part of our time together, Pat asked that perhaps we be thinking of anything we might like to share: Either ways that God may have been working recently in your life; or ways that you cause you to wonder "what's up with that?". It should make an interesting time of interaction, as we continue to 'share life together'.

Btw, the metro-wide "Faith Hope & Love Week" is coming up quickly (July 20-26). It's a week of community service and acts of kindness & mercy. So if you know of particular needs in the community that need a handful (or ton of) volunteers for, let us know that too.

Ok, hope to see you in the morning:
8:30am, Paradise Bakery, Clay Terrace Mall

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