Saturday, July 14, 2007

Carmel man frees lazy birds

We were ready to buy a new clothes dryer -- our original dryer just wasn't getting the job done.

Turns out, though, the only reason it wasn't drying, was..... birds had built a nice warm home inside our dryer vent. How convenient. They did use some traditional grass & twigs, but they also enjoyed the luxury of sitting on their nest and having our LINT come to them... without even having to work for it. LOL.

I write this not only to alert those of you who might also think it's time for a new washer/dryer set, but also to pass along a quick/easy fix... before our birds find YOUR home.

Just unscrew the vent-cover. Put some galvanized mesh (wire) as a screen inside the cover. And screw it back onto your house. Simple... if you know where to get the galvanized mesh.

And now you also know where to get some wire mesh... from me. Got a roll of it and only used a bird-sized piece for each of our two vents. Drop by... I'm in a good mood to share -- I just saved having to buy a new washer/dryer set.

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IndyChristian said...

Caveat: I now realize the mesh will eventually build up with lint... so you'll need to clean it out occasionally. I even cut some of the little wire segment to allow more lint to flow out... yet hopefully still prevent birds from getting in.