Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Saturday

Reminder: 'First Saturdays Coffee"... Feb. 3rd

This will be a Super Saturday coffeetime at the Paradise Bakery this time.
  • Colts Gear Only.
  • No Bears Fans Allowed (to talk).... Gerald!!! LOLLLL
  • We'll have a new dvd of some personal stories of some Colts players and Coach Dungy.

Also... graphics artist Ellen Spencer will be with us, before her Flickr Day presentation [down at the inner-city cafe where some of us go help frequently]. So if you have questions about digital cameras or how to get your pictures onto the web to share at the #1 website... Saturday will be a great day to ask.

Or better yet, also come be with us and help-out down at the Unleavened Bread Cafe... noon til 2pm as we do the full presentation & training.

"So You Wanna Be In Pictures?" -- Flickr training. Learn how to get your digital photos onto your computer, edit them and/or uploaded to the internet (free & easy), so you easily share them with your friends & neighbors. Example: Here are some pictures from Clay Terrace uploaded by various people... at

And share your internet skills with others. If you can surf and do email, you're a step-up on many of our inner-city friends who don't even have internet access. So come make friends among some folks who'll appreciate your friendship and help.

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