Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Yard-sign?

We now have a new yard-sign to alert everyone... once in a while... when there's any significant news or event in the neighborhood. And then we'll post the info here at

For instance: "First Saturday Coffee & Conversation"
is this coming Saturday morning... July 2nd... 8am... at the Paradise Bakery here at Clay Terrace. As always, everyone is welcome... come have coffee and catch up on things.

Likewise, any of you that would like to set out the sign and post a message here...
  • New babies in the neighborhood?
    or puppies? **smile**
  • Grand-babies? **smile**
  • Major birthdays? [black crepe, $5 extra... LOL]
  • Major Anniversaries?
  • Promotions at work.
    or well-deserved promotions from work!
  • Block parties?
  • Yard-sales?
  • Home for sale? (hope not)
  • Surprise your spouse?
    (hopefully not re new babies! LOL)

Anything of that sort that you'd like to herald.... just email me the message to post (and I'll try to do what I can as soon as I can)...

... Then stop by and pick up the sign at... well, you know, where that other yard-fixture always seems to be...

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