Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Movies & Email-Forwards Have In Common

What do movies & email-forwards have in common?

I don't pay a lot of attention to either.


I get a ton of forwarded-email from all sorts of well-meaning folks. Even my mom.

I pay 'virtually' no attention to them. [pun slightly intended]

And sorry, Mom. But they usually turn out to be hoaxes, do they not?

Where SHOULD we, or anyone, go for Truth?

A good friend reminded me yesterday that the Treasury Department advises us that if you want to know whether something is counterfeit... you need to compare it against the genuine thing. That's good advice. Click the image at left, to stay in touch with the ongoing discussion... comparing the DaVinci movie with the genuine thing.

And remember: We're going to be discussing the movie/book "DaVinci Code" at our next 'First Saturday Coffee'... June 3rd. 8am. At Paradise Bakery, here in the Clay Terrace Mall. See you then.

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