Friday, May 05, 2006

Reminder: "First Saturday Coffee"... May 6

Friends & Neighbors...

Just a quick reminder re "First Saturdays Coffee" tomorrow, 8am at Paradise Bakery in Clay Terrace Mall.

Normal stuff... enjoy coffee... eating together... catch up on neighborhood news... discuss a book or topic... pray for our community. Then go home and cut grass. **smile**

Tomorrow Pat will be leading as we finish up our discussion of the "Purpose Driven Life" book.

Oh, and here's a note re NEXT MONTH... (June 3rd)... We plan to discuss the curious new movie coming out... 'DaVinci Code'. So if you're planning on seeing it, then specially plan on being with us next month too. We'd like to hear your take on it. [And tomorrow, we'll have a 'movie companion guide' with some info about it, in case you're interested on more info as you go see it. Or even if you don't go see it.]

As always, feel free to use the egroup, or, to better 'share life together'. Or contact us you know of special needs in our general neighborhood. We'd try to help.

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