Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pat & Luanna... Katrina Relief

[Hey guys, when we helped pull Pat's trailer out of his soggy backyard the other night, here's what it was all about... helping them... to go help others. You can follow their Katrina excursion... complete with stories & pics.]

"This is the story of an adventure being lived out by twenty nine people who have come together intentionally for a week. Each of us has given up our spring vacations to travel sixteen hours away to live in marginal conditions to serve those less fortunate in some ways than ourselves. Last summer, Hurricane Katrina devastated the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Thousands lost their homes. All that remains of some houses are foundations. Others are severely damaged, many beyond repair. Some people have left forever, while others live in temporary trailers.

We have come in the spirit of the early Christian church..."

[continued at Katrina Family Trip blog]

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Bri said...

FEMA is planning to kick out volunteers from New Orleans on April 10 -- see info on my blog and at this post on DailyKos.