Thursday, September 29, 2005

This Saturday... "Clay Terrace in Review?"

Reminder: this Saturday, Oct. 1st...

The weather is taking a cooler turn. Hot coffee and a pastry on a brisk morning is sounding better & better. So come join us at the neighborhood coffee shop...

Every 1st Saturday... 8 a.m.,
at Paradise Bakery at Clay Terrace Mall
'First Saturdays Coffee & Conversation'

Now that the mall's been open for a year, we'd like to hear from each other this month. How's Clay Terrace been for you? Nicer than you imagined? What do you think -- are our property values up? Or have your worst fears been realized? What have you been pleasantly surprised about? Have you developed favorite hang-outs here yet? Favorite shops? Stores? Know any store associates by name yet? Any horror stories out there?

As always, our informal time each month is to enjoy sharing life together and building a great little niche community. Catch up on the latest each month. Just have some fun together.

Then, for anyone that wants to stay a while longer...

Afterwards… at 9 a.m.
'Community Care Group'

Some of us stick around for another cup of coffee, to pause and ask about special needs among us -- our own mini-Katrinas . Pray for those needs and try to find some ways to help, in a "Love your neighbor as yourself" sort of way.

We're reading & discussing the little booklet 'The Ultimate Win', a modern translation of the biblical book of "John". Remember, John was a close Jewish friend of Jesus and introduces us to him in the unique way that only a close friend can do. So any of you are welcome to participate. It could be a good time to ask any questions you might have. You're amongst friends. [Here's a link to read it online if you like.]

And throughout the month…

As you see, has now taken on a 'blog' format. A neighborhood newsletter of a sort -- but with the ability to leave comments, questions, suggestions, and active links to news, sports, events, that might be of interest among us. We can talk more about all this over coffee on Saturday. Btw, if you have a laptop, bring it -- Paradise Bakery is wireless! Or for that matter, if you have internet questions, we might all be able to learn a lot from each other.

Then… let's do it all over again next month…
"First Saturday Coffee & Conversation"

P.S.... Since we have new neigbhors and not everyone is yet on the email list -- please help us get the word out. Also, if you can't come, but you have special needs we might be able to help with, let us know.

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